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Experience the beauty of a river gorge first hand and close up. Canyoning tours take you on a hike down a gorge where you climb, rappel, jump from cliffs and swim in pools. Canyoning is an activity for everyone with each participant able to decide how exciting or relaxed there trip will be.

We use different gorges, depending on the desired difficulty level and water level. Participants are equipped with helmets and wetsuits.

Day Trip Rafting Heidal

With normal and high water levels we raft the Sjoa’s best stretch twice. The first trip is an opportunity for to learn the commands, paddle techniques and coordination. The first trip ends by paddling into our camp for a warm lunch.

After lunch at the camp we challenge the river again with more surfing, action and fun.

If the water level is lower this allows us to raft the ‘washing machine’ After lunch we set off downstream to tackle the biggest rapid of the day, we end the tour at ‘Riksanlegget’ the National facility for whitewater.

Accommodation: Lavvu or indoors.
Food: Breakfast Saturday and Sunday, dinner on Saturday, packed lunch Saturday and warm Sunday lunch.
Saturday: canyoning 10.00-16.00
Sunday: rafting 10.00-15.00

Recommended minimum age: 16 years.
Price: from NOK. 2 670,-

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