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Day Trip Rafting

With normal and high water levels we raft the Sjoa’s best stretch twice. The first trip is an opportunity for to learn the commands, paddle techniques and coordination. The first trip ends by paddling into our camp for a warm lunch. After lunch at the camp we challenge the river again with more surfing, action and fun. If the water level is lower this allows us to raft the ‘washing machine’ After lunch we set off downstream to tackle the biggest rapid of the day, we end the tour at ‘Riksanlegget’ the National facility for whitewater.

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High Ropes Course

Whether you are a daredevil who likes to test gravity all the way to someone scared of heights looking to challenge their fears we can recommend our high ropes course. 9 meters up in the trees you will make your way round the course via suspension bridges, hanging logs, slack lines and more. Before you climb into the first tree you will be equipped with a full body climbing harness, a pair of slings and some carbines. A guide will brief you on use of the equipment and safety procedures.

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Just upstream of our camp is Faukstad bridge. Our rafting trip passes under the bridge, but why not jump off it! This is exactly what bridgeswinging is. Participants are equipped with a full body climbing harness. Ropes are attached at the middle of the bridge and the jump takes place from one end of the bridge, this allows for the jump to be a smooth pendulum. If you decide to jump you will climb over the railings and have a moment or two to contemplate life before making the leap. After the swinging stops you will find out how much your friends like you as they have to pull you up. If you are lucky you may even get a birds eye view of a raft trip passing under as you jump.


Our paintball activity takes place in a forest area. Here, the trigger-happy few can find an outlet for pent up aggression. We have capacity for 24 participants simultaneously on the field. Weapons are Tippmann 98 Custom. Participants are equipped with protective mask, marker, magazine with 200 ball and overalls (red and blue). We use compressed air instead of CO2 for environmental and operational safety.


Accommodation: Lavvu or indoors.
Food: Breakfast Saturday and Sunday, dinner on Saturday, lunch Saturday and Sunday.
Saturday: rafting 10.00-15.00

Recommended minimum age: 16 years.
Price: from NOK. 1900,-

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