Recommended minimum age: 18 years.

Price pr. person:
Monday – Friday NOK. 1155,-
Saturday – Sunday NOK. 1235,-

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Challange the river one on one! Duckys are one man inflatable sit on top boats which are paddled like kayaks.  Ducky is a very good option to continue with river activities, after rafting. This then becomes a new challenge and is more demanding than rafting. You will feel the power of the river much stronger and intensively than on rafting. You can learn to surf the waves, taking backwaters, consider routes on the river, where you can go and what you should stay away from.

Ducky is best suited to small groups, 3 to 8 people. The tour follows parts of the same route as you, hopefully, have rafted. The tour ends with the paddle into our camp, and there will lunch be ready. As with rafting participants are equipped with wetsuits, helmet, lifejacket.