title-icon-sjoaAbout Sjoa Rafting

We in Sjoa Rafting are working constantly to give our guests the best outdoor experiences, and proof that we succeed is that a large number of our guests come back satisfied the following year, to give friends, colleagues or family experiences beyond the ordinary.

When you come to us, you get the best location in Sjoa, on the banks of the river – in the middle of the fantastic nature. As most rafting trips end in our camp you will not have wet and cold bus tours back from activities! Our camp is unique and creates the perfect atmosphere around your experience here. It is both gathering place for activities, wilderness camp for those who want to sleep in huts and indoor accommodation for those who want it.

The camp boasts a wonderful ‘mathus’ where we serve our guests food, in addition to that we have North Gudbrandsdalens cheapest bar. All in beautiful surroundings with traditional buildings in Heidal, the village in Norway with the most preserved farms. Sjoa Rafting is the oldest and largest player in Sjoa, “the original” – welcome!

Sjoa Rafting a.s. – The original!

Sjoa Rafting AS is a business running varied outdoor activities with rafting as their main activity. Our location on the banks of the Sjoa in Heidal, makes sure we have the best possible location at Europe’s best rafting river. This, naturally makes rafting and river boarding the main activities.

We want to present our activities as experiences in nature, where we use the natural resources around us.

Every day is different, temperatures, precipitation, sunshine and wind all change from spring to autumn. Therefore, we can never say anything absolute about what can be expected, but we build our tours around many years of experience.

Sjoa Rafting AS offers customized activity experiences for individuals, groups, businesses, schools, bachelor parties, etc ..

Choose between rafting, canyoning, river boarding and much more, all this in and around Europe’s best rafting river: Sjoa. These are important choices that you should leave it to professionals!

Sjoa Rafting AS offers activities that match the needs and wishes of participants over the age of 15 and we therefore recommend our sister company, Sjoa Familierafting where activities for our younger guests, under the age of 15 and all the way down to the age of 3, are in focus.

Sjoa Familierafting is located on the banks of the idyllic Gudbrandsdalslågen only a short drive from Sjoa Rafting and offers activities on water, on land and in the air for the whole family.

The sister companies, Sjoa Rafting AS and Sjoa Familierafting have many years of experience and collaborate and strengthen each other in order to offer our guests the very best


Choosing a rafting company to take you, your friends, family or co-workers safely down the river is an important choice. It is clearly safer to choose a solid company with extensive experience.

We would like to share our experiences with you. It starts with you!

Hvorfor velge Sjoa Rafting

  • because we are rafting operator in Norway with the greatest and longest experience
  • because we have Europe’s best location for rafting and other river activities
  • because we have the best camp with the most space
  • because our camp has atmosphere
  • because we are based by the river all transport is a minimum, most tours end up in our camp
  • because we have a wide range of activities on offer