title-icon-sjoaTerms and Conditions

When will my order be binding?
The booking is binding for both parties as soon as it is confirmed by us, primarily by email. You will then receive an email with the booking number. The confirmation may also be sent by phone if you do not have access to e-mail. Confirmation is usually send immediately after deposit (see below) is registered as paid.

What, when and to whom should I pay?
When booking a deposit is calculated at NOK. 250, – pr. person. This amount should be paid into our account:
2095 48 38219 Sjoa Rafting A. S., 2676 Heidal. We send out payment information for deposits. The remaining amount is payable on attendance, unless otherwise agreed. Remember to include with the payment which name the tour is booked under, which trip is booked and the date of the trip. Be careful with this! Acknowledgement that the deposit is paid counts as confirmation of participation. Registration is binding for both parties once the deposit is paid. When booking so close to the start of a trip that a deposit can not will be logged in our account, the full amount is to be paid on attendance.
We take cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Eurocard.

What do I do if I want to cancel?
You can cancel in writing to us by email. If you do not have access to e-mail, we can accept the cancellation by phone. For cancellation we require the booking number provided.
If canceled more than 4 weeks before the tour starts, a fee of NOK. 100, – pr. person is retained from the deposit.
If canceled between 30 and 14 days before the tour starts, the paid deposit is retained.
If canceled later than 14 days before the tour starts, the entire tour’s cost will be charged.
Cancellation due to illness or death in the participant’s immediate family must be confirmed by a doctor. In this case a fee of NOK. 100, – is retained.

What do I do if I only want to change something?
To change a booking contact us by e-mail, if necessary by telephone.

But if something happens to me?
You can cancel without any other charge than an administration fee of NOK. 100, – if the following occurs: a) death, illness or accident of a serious nature affecting yourself, your partner, parents, or your partners parents, children, siblings or traveling companion. b) request for military service or civil defense. c) if there occurs any other serious event beyond your control, that you could not foresee when you booked and which means that it is not reasonable to require you to hold your reservation, for example. extensive fire damage or flooding of your property. You must present a certificate for example. from a doctor, authority or insurance company that explains your cancellation. The certificate should be sent to us as soon as possible but not later than 14 days after the cancellation date.

What happens if cancellation?
Sjoa Rafting A.S. may cancel trips if it does not have enough participants on the trip (generally min. 4), or due to force majeure or extreme water / weather conditions. Participants will then be notified of this as soon as possible. Paid deposit will be refunded.