Recommended minimum age: 16 years.
Tour length: aprox. 11 km.
Total time: approx. 4 hours including lunch after the tour.

Price pr. pers.
Monday – Friday NOK. 1155,-
Saturday – Sunday NOK. 1255,-

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Riverboarding is the most intense river activity we have. Here you really are come into close contact with nature. After a safety briefing the tour starts on a quiet section. The main thing here is to learn some board technique, how to take the waves and rapids and cooperation with River powers. Riverboarding is relatively physically demanding, it comes to ration energy. The activity is best suited for participants who have been rafting before. This is an excellent active the day after you’ve been on rafting, f. Ex. a Sunday morning before returning home. The trip on the river ended by swimming into our camp. Hot lunch after the tour.

Participants are equipped with boards, thick wetsuit, helmet, life jacket, wetsuit shoes and gloves, and fins .