Recommended minimum age: 16 years
Price: NOK. 925,-

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Experience the beauty of a river gorge first hand and close up. Canyoning tours take you on a hike down a gorge where you climb, rappel, jump from cliffs and swim in pools. Canyoning is an activity for everyone with each participant able to decide how exciting or relaxed there trip will be.

We use different gorges, depending on the desired difficulty level and water level. Participants are equipped with helmets and wetsuits. Our aim is to provide safe activities. Therefore, we have some requirements for participants on our tours.

Participants must:

  • not suffer from diseases that can be induced under stress or cold water
  • be able to swim
  • not be under the influence of intoxicants or other medication


Participants must bring:

  • jogging shoes with wool socks or neoprene shoes (footwear can be loaned from us)
  • wool pullover or wool/thermal underwear
  • towel (may be rented)


Packed lunches are taken from camp.

Participants provide their own transport to / from canyoning. It can be arranged with guides so that participants on canyoning traveling straight home afterwards do not return back to the camp in Nedre Heidal.